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Price from 199 - 1299 czk


We hold different cultural events that introduce a healthy, civilized and sustainable lifestyle. This creates a warmer, more eco-friendly, loving environment with like-minded friends. Our goal is to spread health, hope, environmental protection and civilization to every corner of the world.


 We accept family customization and company team building.


Please contact us to make a reservation


Tel: +420 607 279 978



Drinking tea, we come to know ourselves better.


 • Introduction to different types of tea

 • History and stories from the ancient tea tradition

 • Learn to prepare and appreciate a cup of self-brewed tea

 • Interpretation of the 5 elements characters

 • Enjoy a vegan dessert

Vegan food Cooking & Tasting

Introduction to Su Living

Cooking & table decoration

Shared dinner

We offer 4 different cuisines to choose from:

  • Western,

  • Italian,

  • Japanese,

  • Chinese,


Flower arrangement isn’t only about observing plants—it’s also a process of life transformation. Pruning the branches of our habits helps sort out what’s in our hearts.


Our personal viewpoint profoundly affects the way we lead our lives. It can determine whether we become the person we want to be, and whether we will accomplish the things we value.

Atomic Habits

To know, we read together.

To do, we practice what we read.

To be, we become what we do.

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