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Su Living
Price from 599 - 1299 czk 

"Su" means pure in the Chinese language, and it is written as 素, it has two parts, one means “master”; another means “system”.
Being pure means to be the master of our own human system. It is an attitude of life connected with liberating ourselves from daily life stress and finding the meaning of life. Purity, refers to the state of mind, it is not only about what we eat, but also what kind of lifestyle we have.



  • Tea ceremony & Introduction of "Su Living" (Simple and pure lifestyle) 

  • Learn to cook two or three dishes

  • Arranging the table

  • Have lunch together

We accept family customization and company team building.

Welcome you to contact us anytime to make a reservation. 


+420 607 279 978



  • the light_teahouse
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